Exclusive Offer To Existing Customers

Tech 4 Accountants Anti-Russian Firewall Policy

Background: In response to sanctions, Russian hacker attacks are up 800% in the past few months. These attacks are extremely sophisticated and are targeted at accountants as they have such sensitive data.


They have discovered a way around even the most sophisticated system protections.


In response to these increased attacks, we have developed an additional layer of security that keeps the Russian’s out using a state of the art geo-fencing technology. 


Instead of your firewall making a decision on safe / malicious traffic, which the Russian hackers can exploit. The firewall will now automatically halt ALL traffic with a Russian IP address before even inspecting whether it is safe or malicious. This extra layer of protection is crucial to protect your company and your customers.


Since you are an existing customer, we can deploy the additional anti Russian firewall protection through our console. This makes installation quick and painless. We will have a technician reach out after the work has been completed.

Easy 3 Step Process

1. Purchase

Use our secure checkout below to add an additional layer of protection against the Russian Hackers.

2. Confirm

You will receive a confirmation email with 24-48 hours when it has been deployed on your system.

3. Protect

You will have protection from Russian hackers getting into your system and taking information out.

We will add the firewall protection to your existing account. Only existing customers are eligible!

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