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It’s not your fault that the IRS is throwing new requirements every day. Sometimes it probably feels like retiring is easier than keeping up with all of the changes. But you want to make sure your clients are protected as well.

Do as much of the template on your own as you can, and use an expert to help fill in the gaps. If you cancel more than 24 hours before your appointment, the $50 is fully refundable!

30 Minute WISP Consultation
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Easy 3 Step Process

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Pick a time to speak with a certified technician about putting together your plan.

2. Quick Call

Have Your WISP filled out and questions ready to go over with the data security plan expert.

3. Done

You will have your written information security plan ready.


Book a 30 minute consultation with a Written Information Security Plan expert who can help answer your questions. Standard rate is $250 for 30 minutes, book now for only $50!