If you or your clients ran Twitter ads to promote your accounting firm your data may have been compromised in the latest breach involving Twitter. (Here’s the news item from Tech Crunch).
Twitter has issued an apology and emailed all of their business clients after a data breach was discovered yesterday. Users were unaware of the possibility that personal data that was stored in their web browsers cache could be stolen by cyber criminals.

The data included:

  • email addresses
  • phone numbers
  • last four digits of credit card numbers. 

The tech giant says there is no evidence that additional billing information was compromised however they can’t be sure. It’s not clear yet how many businesses were affected or the true magnitude of data was stolen. 

This breach was discovered on June 20th and was immediately patched. This isn’t the first data breach on Twitter.

Rush offers software solutions that can minimize the risk of this happening to you. Making sure to use a VPN alongside malware protection is a must. Making sure you’re calling in for your quarterly tune-ups is also an important piece of the puzzle. 

Part of our tune-up process involves clearing your internet browser’s cache to free up space and delete any extra personal data that is stored unnecessarily.

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