Book a Complimentary IT Audit For Your Accounting Firm

What is the IT Audit? 

We will connect remotely to your computer and perform a non-intrusive check on your current IT set up. We will be reviewing settings and logs to help you insure that you are properly protecting your clients.. 

How Long Does It Take?

The process takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour and at the end you will know if your computers and customer data is safe.

I Currently Have Another IT Company

Even if you are currently working with another IT company, having one that specializes in accounting firms could give you insight that your current providers may not be aware of. 

There are over 300 pages of cyber security law that are required and IT companies that do not specialize in the accounting industry do not have the time or resources to cover everything.

I don’t want you having access to the server

We can perform the audit on any computer in the company network.

My Company Is Too Small

A large portion of our clients have less than 10 employees, and many are the only employee.

How Much Does This Cost?

The audit is free.

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