Keeping it jargon-free in accounting

Andrew Lassise was joined by H. Randy Hughes III, of Counting Pennies, on this episode of the Tech Talk for Accountants Show. They talked about jargon free communication, technology, and much more. You can listen wherever you listen to podcasts, below, watch on YouTube or read the related article below. Who is H. Randy Hughes […]

Canopy, the accounting practice management software

Free Data Security Plan Template Courtesy of Canopy Larry Furr, Chief Product Officer at Canopy, joins Andrew Lassise to talk about accounting practice management software and specifically Canopy. You can listen to the episode below, watch the video or read the article, which is based on the interview. Who is Larry Furr, Chief Product Officer […]

Accounting Podcast: Grow quicker with Profit First

In this episode of the Tech Talk for Accountants podcast Andrew Lassise was joined by Author Mike Michalowicz to discuss how entrepreneurs can grow their businesses quicker, the concept of profit first and other topics of interest to accountants. You can listen wherever you listen to podcasts and even ask Siri to “Play the Tech […]

Use these tips to not become a phishing scam victim

Andrew Lassise explains common phishing scam techniques in this podcast episode and how you and your accounting firm’s employees can make sure not to fall victim. You can read the article, listen to the podcast below or anywhere you listen to podcasts. A YouTube video of the podcast recording is also available here and below. […]

Pricing strategies for accountants

Pricing strategies can help the bottom line for your accounting firm. We know how hard it can be to price value that allows everyone – the firm and the clients – be happy. With that in mind we invited pricing expert Rhondalynn Korolak to join Andrew Lassise on the Tech Talk for Accountants Show. She’s […]

The importance of fast support from your IT provider

fast support

Getting fast support when it comes to your information security is important. Many of us unfortunately have been in situations where our technology needs were addressed at slow speeds. Slow support costs us money, halts productivity and can impact your accounting firm’s customer service. Our CEO Andrew Lassise discusses this topic in the latest episode […]

The best Office 365 Features for Businesses

Office 360 features

With the release of Office 365, Microsoft aims to help businesses that currently rely on Microsoft’s Office applications. Office 365 is a new suite of programs that will help businesses become more productive, along with keeping their information secure. Microsoft has four main Office products for business – Office 365 Essentials, Office 365 Business, Office […]

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