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Frequently Asked Questions


Your hard drive contains everything that has ever been saved on your computer. By default, this information is easy to steal, because there isn’t any encryption on the device. We make a USB key act just like a car key to where your files can’t be viewed by anyone unless they have the key plugged in.

The first encryption can take 2-3 hours. You may use the computer during this time, but it is not recommended. It will be very slow and may cause errors during the process. This only needs to happen once.

One key should be used per computer. In an office environment, each employee needs their own key to their own computer.

This process can be reversed if needed only if the key is present and plugged in.

You will be required to enter a 48 digit recovery key in order to get into the computer. We can keep this on file but recommend keeping a printed copy. We can then make a replacement key once logged in.

We can use your 48 character recovery key to temporarily log you in then create a new USB key.

Yes, as long as the key is plugged in. You will need a separate key for the separate computer.

They can keep the encryption key or we can get connected and revoke it. There won’t be benefit to doing that, but we can make it happen.

There won’t be any difference in computer performance after first encryption is performed.

This Key process works on Windows. There is a Mac equivalent that doesn’t use they physical key on Mac.

When the computer is turned back on it will resume where it has left off. This isn’t recommended though.

No, this is in addition to the other products for additional protection without any conflict.

Yes, but rebooting will require the USB Key in at start up

Can I Keep the Key on a Keychain?

On your computer if you click on This PC you will see a hard drive with a lock next to the Windows logo. This doesn’t exist without encryption

Confirm that the drive is actually encrypted using above step. If it turns on without encryption, the motherboard most likely has a technology called TPM which encrypts the hard drive automatically when it is not in use, removing the need for the USB stick as it accomplishes the encryption.

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