Tech 4 Accountants Refer a Friend Program

We all know the IRS is requiring all PTIN holders to have a written information security plan (WISP).


Many do not have the technical skills or time to put one together. The first one we did for a four person firm took almost a week to do.


Help out your friends and give them the peace of mind of having their WISP done by professionals who have put together thousands and are certified WISP experts with the PTIN Security Group.


Nobody has the time to try and navigate all of the loopholes that are required to put together a plan that meets all of the IRS requirements. Your friends can simply use our experts AND save $300 in the process. To make things even better, we pay you $100 for every deal that comes our way as our way of saying thank you!

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Get Paid $100 for each referral!

Get $100 for every company referred that becomes a client! Unlimited referrals!

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YOU GET $100

$100 Visa gift card for every friend that you refer that purchases the service of having a WISP done by us.

Unlimited referrals. 

One gift card per company that is referred.

Gift card paid once the referee has done the intake with a technician.


$300 Discount off the done for you WISP. We will put together a security plan based on the IRS guidelines and have it in their hands in less than a week after the intake.


Retail price is $999 per PTIN, they can take $300 off the purchase price and buy for only $699 with your referral discount.

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