remote tech supportAccounting firms sometimes wonder whether or not they need remote tech support and why that can be better than having in-house IT support.

Once you know which attributes are important in a managed service provider you can ask the right questions and know what to look for. In this article, we are breaking down the advantages of remote tech support for you. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a note.

Access to experts

Computer problems can seriously hinder your productivity. A missed deadline or delayed project can cost time, money, and potential customers. That’s why quick and easy access to remote technical support can be a great benefit. You will be able to ask a question, get the right answer quickly, and then get on with your day while a professional handles any request.

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Optimized Performance

Computers slowing down is a common complaint. These issues are often easily fixed by remote tech support experts. Sluggishness can stem from a multitude of possible problems:

Without the proper experience determining what is the cause of those issues can be difficult. The right remote tech support help can save you from costly hardware upgrades or replacements.

Removing Viruses and Malware

These invasive programs can cause a wide range of issues. Some malware is only annoying and causes pop-up ads whereas other malware can ruin whole networks or steal company information.

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The internet has become a hacker paradise as many companies take a lackadaisical approach to cybersecurity. Having both antivirus software which can block or remove malware and having access to remote tech support, greatly minimizes these risks.

Antivirus software is a must but it has its limitations. A company providing remote tech support help can:

Save money with a subscription

Technical support services often are billed monthly and can include an unlimited number of incidents that happen while under service.

This subscription model is thousands of dollars cheaper than hiring someone full time or per individual repair. When someone comes onsite you have no idea what to expect. It might be a 5-minute fix but they charge for the full hour or several hours of work only to reach a dead end with a hardware failure. Make no mistake though, you will be billed for their time even if a solution isn’t reached.

A subscription-based tech support plan is a great way of cutting costs.

You Could be more efficient?

When you’re a small business owner you want the flexibility to work at any time and anywhere in the case of emergency.

You want access to your information as easily at home as you would in the office but without sacrificing security. Many businesses are forgoing a brick and mortar offices all together in the face of the 2020 COVID pandemic.

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To work as efficiently as possible under these conditions you need a firm understanding of cloud computing and what software suites like Office365 can offer.  You need communication across your company to flow smoothly, documents which need collaboration to be easily shared, and a few technical issues along the way as possible. Having someone in your corner providing the remote tech support help is your shortest path to those goals.

Is your business growing?

Growing businesses often encounter issues with technology when scaling up. The larger you get the larger your current security holes get.

Keep in mind that as you grow your business, the target on your back also grows. The reward for exploiting a company’s data only becomes more lucrative the bigger they get. Outsourcing these potential scaling headaches only becomes more inviting as time goes on. To be frank, unless you run an IT company, IT security is not your wheelhouse. If you want experts handling your expansion then you should look into outsourcing your IT support instead of attempting to handle these problems internally.

So Who Do You Look For?

Check Reviews

The internet has made it extremely easy for current customers to share their experience with a company. For some businesses, online reviews are their downfall. Some customers will never even entertain the thought of working with a company that has poor reviews. And rightly so! As a consumer, customer reviews are the best insight you have about your potential experience. Slick marketing and great pricing don’t really matter if a company doesn’t deliver in the end.

Google Reviews: The Gold Standard

Rush Tech Support for example has 151 reviews with an average of 4.9 stars. That means 151 separate customers took their time to post a glowing review of their interactions with Rush Tech Support. It’s common for even well-established companies to only have 10 or 15 reviews. But the fact that 151 customers saw the need to share their experience we must be doing something right.

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